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Sunday, August 8

oh Anne Rice...

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Okay, okay. You have probably heard about Anne Rice and her quitting of "Christianity not Christ."

Now, this has been written about a billion plus times, and I don't particularly have anything new to say. I'm still a bit on the fence about it all... but wanted to share this person's opinion, because I think it's absolutely perfectly written.

Spunk and Spirituality: As We Are or Are Not What We Ought to Be

This was what I personally thought was the best:
I wonder at times what God thinks of our assemblies, offerings, and songs--if He is ready to spit us out of His mouth for being neither cold nor hot but merely lukewarm. Somehow, the petty bickering and divisions that so plague the Western Church seem to have little to do with worship or righteousness. They certainly pale in authenticity when compared to the rest of the world where believers in Christ bear testimony to their Savior despite threats and persecutions, peril, slavery, and the sword.
Here we go. This is crux of things. And, I (though deeply ashamed to admit it) am entirely too guilty of being "lukewarm" in hundreds of ways.

Q: Accepting of people?
A: Well, maybe. I mean yeah, but only if you're right.

Q: Be kind to people?
A: Well, that's so much easier if you're just handing me change... if I have to work with you, erm.

I'm entirely to quick to judge other parts of Christianity, but be completely accepting of other religions. How is it fair to be so critical of my spiritual counterparts when I claim to (very strongly) believe that there are multiple paths?

And on and on it goes. Ultimately, I think that Rice has a brilliant idea* but I do think that it probably should have been a much more personal (thus quieter decision). And there goes the judging again.

And, if you want Rice's thoughts on this click here

*I could never do it. I find too much peace and comfort in my practices.

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