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Originally from Texas, I am a reader, writer, pseudo-gardener, baker, record collecting student working on my Ph.D. in the Midwest.

Love Notes

There's something unspeakably wonderful about receiving mail that isn't a bill or some kind of advertisement.

I have a life list. And on that life list is to write 100 love letters. Now, I don't think a love letter has to be something between the husband and me, though I will definitely write him more. No, I think a love letter can be to anyone. All I want it to do is put a smile on your face and remind you how special you are.  Even more so, I would love to write more than 100. Maybe I'll change that...?

Anyhow, while I have some friends who will  most definitely receive love letters, they will, I'm sure, quickly grow tired of me filling up their mailbox.... and I surely don't want to be thought of as a step away from junk mail.

So, dear internets, I would like to write love letters to you. If you would like one, please email your address to:

colieslovenotes {at} gmail {dot} com 

and I will happily write you a love letter. Promise.