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Wednesday, September 21

what is your favorite memory?

perfect for someone like me who loves this stuff. i'm smiling ear to ear now.

some are predictable. some aren't. but they are all fantastic.

my favorite memory..... it's a tough but great question, because like the first guy says, all these wonderful ones come rolling through. but, mine center around friends and food, i'm sure of it. whether it was dinners during summer of 2008 with friends who came by, or parties thrown by my parents, or farewell summer parties. those are my favorites.

what is your favorite memory?

Friday, September 9

Take Your Time

It's funny to me how something that I meant to be a short hiatus turned into a break for three months.

I joked at one point that it's interesting how during the school year I can hardly do anything but blog, play on facebook, and hone my Pandora stations, yet during the summer, I hardly keep up with anything but the sun and books.

I typically beat myself up for this, but meh. There's nothing good which come from that.

So, friends who are still paying attention, hello again! It is a pleasure to be back and starting an adventure again.

Wishing you lots of love