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Monday, October 11

Parties and Feeling Connected pt. 2

So. Do you guys remember about my wanting this end of summer/welcome fall party?

Well, we pulled it together in 3 days. Really, in 1. And it was lovely.

We had people show up.

On the menu:

We had lots and lots of beer.
Water with Lemon.
A punch with sprite and sherbet
And the always classy Arbor Mist Strawberry Zinfandel.

Chet's salsa
homemade bruschetta and sliced ciabatta bread
a ranch and salsa dip
pizza roll ups &
deviled eggs.

We bought garden lights from target, mason jars and put candles in them. We laid out blankets in the grass.

We sat outside on the lovely night, a crisp 55 or so degrees. The wind was blowing. There were stories everywhere. People were laughing, and drinking, and eating.

It was so wonderful.

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