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Tuesday, September 28


We had our party, and I'll share blurry pictures with you later.

But for now,

Overhead (on TV):
"I don't know, you're the shrink."
"Yeah, but shrinks are notoriously bad at self-analysis."


Wednesday, September 22

Parties and Feeling Connected

I want to have a party.

A good, fun party. One with really good food, drinks, laughter, friends, and beautiful decorations.

With a fantastic tablecloth spread over the table and hanging lights.

Candles and pulling out the best wine glasses, just so you can feel special.

The kind where you sit around a table and tell stories and drink a beer or wine and just laugh with each other.

I haven't been to a party like that in ages.

Tomorrow is the official end of summer and beginning of fall. And I just don't think there is a better time to celebrate than that. Aren't those photos magical?

So I've put out the invitation to my local friends.

The only thing is: I don't know if people will show up. I also don't have decorations or really the time to create. I don't know what we would serve for food or where we would find drinks. I don't have a table or chairs to stick in the garden plot, nor do I have a way to hang decorations.

But I want this so bad. I want it because I feel incredibly disconnected from people right now. I feel overwhelmed with work and school, and I feel like I am not creating. I feel like I'm not doing a good enough job and I am having serious doubts about what I'm doing right now. So, I want this.

And I'm going to do it.

If it's just me and Chet, then we will have amazing hor d'oeuvres to eat and great wine and beer to drink. If people come, then it will just be that much better. I just need to keep that thought.

Friday, September 17

Baby Weight

Haha. I hope I just gave all 5 of my readers a little heart attack.

I've made the decision to lose 30-50 lbs before getting pregnant/adopting/fostering. The idea just kind of hit me last night. I want kids (phew, that's out there) and I want to be the healthiest I can be (without getting insane about it, which has been known to happen) before having babies. To me, it just seems it would be easier to maintain while raising kids then to start. So, that's been decided.

I have a bit to do it too. See, I've done research about academics and having kids etc. and it's basically agreed that if a woman would like to have kids, the best time to do it is while she's dissertating.

Which makes total since.

When I'm working on my dissertation, I get to make my own hours and I don't have classes. Or at least not 10 hours of demanding classes. So, that's 4 years away, minimum. Thus, I have time.

And, just so we're clear, as of 9/17/2010 I am NOT pregnant. :D

Wednesday, September 15

Freaking Time

I really just don't know where it goes to. I swear school just started and now we're a month in. Seriously, this is bizarre. Am I the only person who suffers from this?

Anyhow, I like blogging.

No really, I do! There are just a couple of excuses I have: 1) I work all day, and refuse to bring my lap top home with me. 2) I'm tired. 3) And often feel like I have nothing cool to share.

So, now that the excuses are out there, I really am going to try a bit more. Even if it's a 3 second though that's typed up and put on here. Lord knows I have plenty of those during the day.