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Originally from Texas, I am a reader, writer, pseudo-gardener, baker, record collecting student working on my Ph.D. in the Midwest.


Hello! Writing about me is always a bit odd, if I do say so myself.  Questions always arise, like does anyone actually read this? Does anyone really care? Does it sound narcissistic to actually write about myself?

Meh. Whatever.

My name is Nicole. I am a 20 something student at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.  I'm studying counseling psychology and will hopefully have my Ph.D. in 2015. And then I get to do what I love the most, all the time. What do I love the most? Well, I love seeing clients. And I love research. So, we'll see where that all goes.

I am married to a fantastic man.  We got married on November 21, 2009 after 3 years and 2 days of dating each other. We met in college. It's a cute story, I promise. We do not have children, and don't plan on any. For a long time at least, just so that question is out of the way. My husband is in web marketing and design, and he's really good at what he does. He is planning to change the world in his own way. I am so proud of him.

I've blogged off and on since about 2003, but thankfully the majority of those blogs have left the face of the internet, never to be seen again, as they were quite overly dramatic and embarrassing.  Don't worry, I have hard copies somewhere, and no, you don't get to see them. Nobody does. For this blog, I don't really have a mission or anything fancy like that. It's just my blog, for better or for worse. Mostly it's for keeping up with other people and for others to keep up with me (hi dad and Charlotte!).

Some of my amazing quirks include: I like to quote people | I like to eavesdrop, especially when people are on cell phones or standing outside my office door. It's a problem | I can't stop saying "y'all." | I love to laugh more then anything in the world. | I always try to see the best in people, though sometimes it's hard. | I think marriage rocks but it's super hard too. | I have a tendency to be high strung and uncaring for myself, but I'm working on that. | I'm pretty much addicted to blogs, "indie" music, and artsy videos. | I read like a maniac. | I research women's issues. | I can laugh at myself which is one of my greatest traits, I think. | I like wine and beer. |  I can't cook, but I can make some mean treats. | I can't imagine my world without my god. | I love listening to foreign languages, but lack the ability to speak one. | I enjoy cool weather, fall, snow, scarves and sweaters. | Oh, and I love taking photos.