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Originally from Texas, I am a reader, writer, pseudo-gardener, baker, record collecting student working on my Ph.D. in the Midwest.

Our Wedding

In August of 2006, I met a boy.
In November of 2006 we started dating.
In January of 2007 we said I love you.
In March of 2007 he pushed me forward in my dreams.
In January of 2008 we moved in together.
In March of 2008 we got tattoos together. 
In September of 2008 we took our first vacation.
In October of 2008 he proposed.
In June of 2009 we started planning.
In November of 2009, we got married.

Throughout the wedding planning process, I blogged. Here are some of my favorite blogs from that time.

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You can see the whole thing here.