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Originally from Texas, I am a reader, writer, pseudo-gardener, baker, record collecting student working on my Ph.D. in the Midwest.

Life List

Inspired by Maggie Mason at Mighty Girl and dozens of other beautiful, lovely women.

What would surprise me if I found out I hadn’t done it by the time I died? What are the little things I expect to just unroll in front of me? What are the big, amazing things that absolutely wouldn’t happen without some heads-down, teeth-clenched work? What things have I been concentrating on that don’t really matter? These were the questions presented by Maggie and have been a fantastic place for me to begin my list. These are the things I've thought about and wished about and dreamed about. And now I have a place to help me do it.

Become Dr. So-and-So | Get a hold of our finances in a real and secure way | Play with investing | Have coffee with Condelezza Rice | Publish a truth book | Learn to swing dance and do it well | Try 100 cocktails | Sell a piece of art I've created | Be asked to decorate someone's home, then do it | Toast a major life event with vodka in Russia | Write a storybook | Create a garden | Become more vulnerable, authentic, loving, and gesture-ful | Share my story | Road Trip: Route 66, Around Country, New England, West Coast, Southern States | Perm my hair again | Have a full conversation in French | Do a year in photos | Throw 100 silly parties | Help to {financially} support someone as they follow their dreams | Make 5 Wedding Quilts | Inspire someone {and hear about it} | Keep a gratitude journal for 6 months, and don't double up! | Remarry my husband | Keep a journal | Create | Learn Typography | Create a font | Roast coffee beans | Be asked to take photos of an event  |  Make paper | Expand our family | Visit all 7 continents: Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America | Fly a plane | Enter one of my photographs in a contest | Create and support a scholarship fund | Become a distinguished alumni at my undergrad | Learn how to sew my own clothes | Write 100 love letters | Serve on another board | Have a flag flown over the US Capitol in my honor | Use my work to improve lives | Form a workplace with people I love | Volunteer in the DRC | Take a photography class | Take a dance class | Create a bottle of wine | Ride in a hot air balloon