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Saturday, May 21

Hair Part 2

I bet you thought that I was going to chop all of my hair off. 

I have really thick hair.

I now know this for a fact. My hair stylists said so. That's right. Stylists. Because it took two people to make this happen:

Do those capes flatter anyone?

And, 5 hours & 150+ curlers later, I have a perm.

Much like this:

No people! Have a little bit of faith. Jeez.

I actually look like this:

I'm still in the can't wash it phase, but I like it. I know I'll like it more after I get to shampoo it and play with it.

So, why the perm? We have no central AC. Which means that the summers are hot as hell in our apartment. Typically about 10 degrees warmer inside then out. And we have hot wind. So, pointing a hair dryer at my head for 10 minutes and leaving my hair down all summer, again? No thanks. Which leaves me with the option with my long, thick hair in a ponytail all summer. Again. No thanks. Thus the perm.

There were some skeptics. One friend said, "People still get those?" But that's okay. I used to get perms in high school and loved them. And, I don't have to use a blow dryer. Win, win. I also get to cross something off my life list!

So, if you see out and about, say something nice about my hair.

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