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Monday, November 29

Chicago Trip

I don't have any fancy names for our anniversary trips.  I think, though, we've established a tradition with them. For our honeymoon, we road-tripped our way back home from Texas and it was a ton of fun.  This year, we spent a day and a half in Chicago to celebrate our anniversary.  I'm sensing a tradition forming: take off the week of Thanksgiving and spend the first few days celebrating our marriage and then the next few days celebrating Thanksgiving.  I can get on board with that.

Highlights of Chicago:
1) Traffic is insane and I felt shell-shocked after not being in traffic for over a year
2) We are destined to stay in hotel rooms by air conditioner things
3) We walked at least 10 miles on Tuesday
4) We rode the giant Ferris Wheel (ahem, Devil in the White City)
5) It's been established that I looooove architecture while the husband appreciates the science behind the buildings
6) Still not a huge fan of blues music and no one can make Chicken Fried Steak north of Texas
7) We clearly need way more time in Chicago


Heather said...

I adore ferris wheels, so I am super jealous of your ride AND of the fabulous picture you took. And double points for the Devil in the White City "plug."

Nicole said...

Ferris Wheels are just incredible. Have you read Devil in the White City?