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Wednesday, December 15

patience on this journey

dear heart:

you're lovely, did you know that? 

you and me, we're at a really beautiful place right now.  we're at this place where we happen to be listening to eachother. well, perhaps i'm just listening to you, finally. 

i'm hearing that i've neglected you in a lot of ways. i haven't always paid attention, and i haven't always listened to the little messages which you've sent me. 

and now? and now i am. i hope it's not too late. i'm slowly learning that you have a lot of really good things to say about me, about my values, about my faith, about my work.

but i hope that you'll be patient with me, because i'm experiencing growing pains.  do you know how hard it is to be vulnerable with people and to show those not so perfect and pretty sides?  it is. it's especially hard when i've protected you and myself for so long. 

and, as we're 10 days from christmas, with all the lights shining, and the darkness enveloping, i know that i'm ready. 
and i know that i couldn't ask for a better companion on this journey. 

with all my love


Lindsey said...

Love the picture! It looks professional!

Nicole said...

thank you! I bought a camera over thanksgiving (black friday) and it's amazing.