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Monday, February 14

LoveFest 2011

I'm one of those people who loves Valentine's Day, but only on the day of. The rest is just too much pressure.

But today, I love it. Even though I have a flat tire, my cell phone died, and my printer decided to hate on me. I love it.

I decorated Friday night and that was fun. See photos above.

The husband and I aren't doing anything together until much later tonight. We might get beer and cake is we're feeling crazy this afternoon before my class. But, he's working until 10:30 and I'm headed to a love-fest party with some good old and new friends. Excitement will ensue, I promise.

But, because I love cards*, I found this in my computer this morning:

How freaking adorable is that? And, I'm told there is more to come. 10:30 can't get here soon enough!

Anyhow, we are having gorgeous weather here right now which is fantastic. It still sucks my motivation dry, but I can deal with that. And yesterday, at my Sunday Study Brain Trust Group, I wore this:

And I felt super cute. Don't judge.

*At some point last year, I told the husband that I feel loved when I received cards. I didn't need gifts, just thoughtful cards. And though could be, "oh, Colie would appreciate this." And, now he does it. I'm a lucky, luck girl.

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