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Monday, April 11

Garden Part 2

When we last left the garden, we had tilled and planned the path.

So, this Saturday began with me waiting to wake up the husband because I felt bad that he was tired. So, we got about an hour late start. That's okay, though.

We made it out to the local dairy farm and picked up compost. For 40lbs, we paid $5.50. And the husband, who can make friends with a rock, snagged us a tour of the farm. They have an incredible system, and I would suggest seeing it anywhere.

Anyway, we made it back home, but I had to dash off to a study group. I left that study group frustrated and bitter, so I called the husband and asked him to meet me outside. He got sucked into spreading compost and planting seed before the sun went down.

And he was such a great sport about it :)

Since I couldn't handle the tiller last weekend, and I was bitter this, I wanted to really get dirty. So I grabbed the rake and mixed in the compost. I did that for the whole thing.


And then it was time to open the grass. We went back and forth between sod and grass seed. I wanted sod because I wanted the instant gratification. And I was worried that the birds would eat all the seed. But, when we were in the class on Thursday, the husband asked about it and the teacher told us to just rake the seed in and it would be just dandy.

I still wanted instant gratification. The thought of just putting it down and then BAM! we have grass... that is so lovely. But, I talked myself into seed. I argued that if the seed doesn't work then we can do the sod. And if the seed does work, well, it was cheaper then sod.

So, we spread it.

And then raked it.

I can't quite believe that we might actually get grass from this. I really can't. And, I think that gardening will either teach me patience or I'm just going to fail miserably.

Here's to patience!

And then watered it.

Now, the birds better stay away.

Next week, we will be planting our tree (oh the decisions!) and putting down paving stones for the path. Stay tuned!

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