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Monday, April 25

The Mighty Husband

Tonight, I ended sessions with two of my clients. One who I had been seeing for 21 weeks and the other I had been seeing for 19 weeks. This was cause for sadness and some tears. There's also happiness because I know there will be great things for these folks. However, the sadness was definitely palpable.

So, my husband, who is awesome, brought me a (half priced!) banana split.


So, here's to you husband. You are awesome and loved. 
And appreciated.


life & times of me said...

This looks so good yet makes me want to vomit...I do feel better though.

Chet said...

You would never vomit this ice cream.

Glad to be of help.

Nicole said...

If you have food poisoning, it's possible that you may vomit this ice cream.

I glad you feel better, Kendall!