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Thursday, April 21

Superhero Stength

My friend, Alysondra, is doing all kinds of awesome stuff.

One of these awesome things is defending her Comps tomorrow. What are comps, you wonder? 

Well, at the doctoral level, our comps cover 6 content areas and can run from 100 to 200+ pages. And then, we defend them which means we sit down with our faculty and they ask us questions about what we wrote and why. 

It's a hell of a lot of work and a lot of pressure because it has to be done before you can propose for your dissertation, which, you know, is kind of important. And this is what Alysondra is doing on Friday. 

Now, she has worked her ass off, as you can imagine. And I wanted to give her something to show my support for her amazing-ness. A couple of weeks ago, she popped over and the mister, myself, and Alysondra ate a delicious dinner and drank a lot of wine and started discussing capes. Specifically, Superhero Capes. 
So, I made her one. 

Because, Alysondra is totally a superhero and deserves a cape. 

Hell, we all do.


Heather said...

Did she put on this cape at any point? And if so, are there any pictures???

Nicole said...

She totally did! And I do have many photos. I will stick them up with a tutorial soon :)