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Tuesday, May 10

Art Night

It's Tuesday night.

In our household, that means Art night. We roll up our carpet and sit on the floor. I pull out a sketch pad, or my Chinese paints, or anything else. The mister pulls out the stuff he's working on, and we just let ourselves be creative. The cat might join us or not. We put records on and pull out wine or beer, or $1 sodas from McDonald's.

The mister and I both want to be creative. 

Both of us never felt like we were creative. Never felt like artists. My parents always, always kept my art projects, but I  never felt like they were good enough. And after, one day, having my stuff laughed at, I stopped being creative (don't we all have a story like this?) The mister has a younger brother who is an incredible artist. He's amazing. And because of his amazing-ness, the mister always felt like he couldn't compare, and so he stopped doodling. 

A couple of weeks ago, we decided screw it and chose Tuesday nights to let our creative juices flow. 

So, on Tuesdays, if you needs us, that's where we'll be. On the floor being creative. And not judging each other on our creativity.

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