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Wednesday, July 28


I get a challenge weekly from different people. They don't actually know that they've given me a challenge -- for example my best friend doesn't call me and say, Nicole! This is what you have to do this week! -- but I get them anyway. Typically it's a great conversation which I make into something more, counselor style.

So, this week's challenge for me is to find ways I take care of myself.

I have a problem. And this problem is that I take care of everyone, EVERYONE, but me. Oops. So when I was talking with a friend about how t.i.r.e.d. I am, she asked me, "well, what do you do to rejuvenate yourself?" Um... [insert crickets]

Thus, my challenge this week is to figure out what I do to replenish my spirits (how many different synonyms can I use..?)

Here's the start of that list:
-singing loudly and probably badly
-eating food

What do y'all do?

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Chet said...

Let's not forget playing video games with your husband? Maybe...? That's actually probably more about me than you though...oops.