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Friday, August 20

Baker's Dozen Hours

I have an assistanship!!!!!!!

In a graduate student world, an assistanship is like the Holy Grail.

An assistantship pays for all of my tuition (except the fees, like library, computer usage, etc), covers 95% of my health insurcance, and finally, the pièce de résistance is that I also get paid xx a month. And all I have to do is work a few hours a week.

Now, these assistantships come in two forms, full time and half time. This doesn't make any sense to me because assistantships are 20 hours or 13 hours a week. I can get behind the 20 hours being full time, especially when you consider classes and clients and such.

But 13? Half time? Wha?

Half of 20 is 10, right? Not... 13. Right? I'm not losing it?

So, I am rechristening my assistanstship (which is half time) to "Baker's Dozen Hours."

We'll just call it Baker's Dozen for short.

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