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Thursday, August 5

Bicycle! Bicycle! Bicycle!

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride. ~John F. Kennedy

I didn't learn how to ride a bike as a kid.

I know, I know. sacrilege. But, don't blame my parents. Nope. My whole family looooves bike riding. They did things like the MS-150 and the Alamo Challenge. My grandmother even had an article written about her.

But I had no desire to ride. If you know anything about me, you know that I can be a bit ornery. That's kindly put. And I, I was *not* going to do anything that my family loved (stupid, stupid, stupid).

Now, I want to ride. I got the bug a couple of years ago, when Husband, Best (boy) Friend and I all moved in together. I really wanted to learn. So, they taught me. And, I loved it. But we never really had the chance to ride. We just couldn't do it in Huntsville -- too many early mornings and too many late, late nights. Then, husband and I moved to Lincoln, then we moved downtown. And it's perfect. I just have the bug, and I want to ride and ride and ride. We live about a mile from campus... perfect! Library? .5 miles. Grocery? 10 blocks.

We started riding. And it was fantastic. Then, his pedal fell off. Oomph. A month later we finally repaired it, only to have my bike become this ridiculous pile of stuff.

Why? Because I'm short. Okay, that's not the whole reason. But, I am short. And that means that I need a little bike. Which meant the kids section at Wal Mart! Which meant a crappy bike. Which meant that it's a pain to ride and sucks.

Which means I need a new(er) bike. And, I've been looking.

Straight up, I love these bikes:

(click on photos for link)

They're gorgeous. But not cost effective. Instead, I'm saving up to buy a refurbished, older bike.

See, I just need something simple, single speed but with hand brakes, not the ones you pedal backwards on. And the older bikes are perfect for that. So, by mid-August, I will have the perfect (for me) bike.

Wish me luck!

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