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Monday, August 2

Extended Family

Marriage has many side effects. Weight gain. Sheet stealers. Better food then I would ever feed myself. Wedding gifts...

But one of the most fantastic side effects was gaining my new extended family, or my family-in-law. And this week, they are visiting us. We haven't seen any of them since the wedding about 7 months ago, so the fact that they all* made the trek up here is wonderful.

And while I can already tell you the little things which are driving me crazy (namely adding four people to my house, four loud people, when I really, really enjoy my quiet [maybe *this* is why famous people whose family units are comprised of 3 buy super large homes!]), having his brothers call me "sis" and joking with me make up for it.

*clarify: only his nuclear family, mom, dad, and two brothers.

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