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Saturday, August 14

I heart Nebraska

...and feel quite protective of it, which was really intense the first time I felt that.

I have now lived in Nebraska for a year (today!). And I find myself being oddly protective of it, in a way I never really have been for Texas*.

Most people are quick to rag on Nebraska. It's flat. It's boring. It's cold. It's boring. There's only corn. It's boring.

However, after a year here, I have decided that Nebraska is not a bad place. There's tons to do here, and some really wonderful people. Plus, our hippie side has grown a lot. We live downtown now so we bike/walk to most places. We also shop at local stores, with the exception of the occasional Target trip. As y'all may know, husband works for a local bookstore/coffee shop too, so that definitely keeps us grounded and local. I'm also creating a kitchen/relaxation garden behind our apartment, which has been fantastic to plan out.

I would also argue that being away from Texas has been really good for our relationship. We have a chance to grow our baby family away from our parents and other influences, which is great. Our parents are wonderful, thoughtful, considerate, and kind... but we needed to *grow* and have been able to.

So, all of these things make me very protective of my second home state. When people start ragging on Nebraska (even those who live here) I get quite annoyed, and promptly challenge them.

So, on my anniversary of living here for a year (husband's anniversary is next month), I give you a list of some of the things I love about Nebraska:

The scenery is amazing here**.

And corn! One is never wanting for corn**.

We have multiple farmer's markets, which are all fantastic with amazing stuff. Produce, goods, plants... it's all wonderful

We have some amazing local goodies. Like bookstores, creative outlets, ice cream shops, and eateries.

We have fantastic community events almost every weekend during the summer (um... Special Olympics were hosted here!)... for example, the chalk walk that happened last weekend.

There is an incredible local music scene, like Ember Schrag and The Clawfoot House and Duffy's.

Nebraska also boasts some excellent architecture.

And, of course, we have the Telephone Museum.

I really do love it here. Do I want to stay here forever? Not particularly. I miss Texas something awful, miss my family and friends. But, Nebraska is a fantastic place to be for now.

*I suspect that my protective feelings to don't venture to Texas because Texas does *not* need protecting.
**These photos belong to my friend Dr(!). Sharon Z, but I love them so I borrowed them. All other photos are mine.

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