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Wednesday, October 13

Annual Fall Tour

On Sunday, husband and I went on our annual fall colors tour. Normally (like last year) we drive around this lovely state and stare at the pretty colors. However, the request was placed to not drive and maybe go hiking or something to look at the colors.

Fine. Noted.

So, we headed out to a state park.

And, it was a lot of fun, I must admit.
We walked around the park for about 3 hours.
We found a clearing, laid out a blanket, and laid down for 30 minutes, talking.

We trespassed on BNSF property, where I promptly had my first ever photo by a train track taken.

Please enjoy our lovely photos.
Click to enlarge.

1 comment:

KG said...

looks like fall :) wish we saw a little more color down here.