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Wednesday, October 13

Tom Osborne E-mailed Me!

I don't actually know who he is, but I think he's the athletic director of UNL.


Just wikipedia'd him. (I made that word up, by the way. I think it should catch on).

Anyway, he sent an email out to all of the students about the big game on Saturday. Big game? What big game? Ooooh, dear internets. I will tell you.

This Saturday (10/16) UNL will be playing UT. For those who aren't up on those acronyms, the University of Nebraska at Lincoln will be playing the University of Texas (Austin version). This is a big game, apparently. Okay, I knew it was a big game, that's why I'm holding onto my ticket for dear life (I've been offered $400 for that ticket).

It's a big game because last year, UNL almost, almost, almost by {} that much beat Texas. But Texas was sad and demanded their "fake" second back on the clock and beat UNL. No, I don't choose sides and that is all completely factual.

It's also a HUGE game because this is the last time that UT and UNL will play each other, since UNL opted to pack their (our) bags and head on up to a different conference. So it's big. Oh, and we apparently have a shot at winning, sooooo there.

Anyway, there has been a lot of trash talking on both sides. A LOT.

Thus the very classy email from Tom Osborne:
Dear Husker fans,

Saturday's game is a great opportunity for each of us to display the pride we have for Nebraska football. As an integral part of our team, we need your support to give us the best home field-advantage possible. We hope you will blanket the stadium in red, be loud and support your Huskers. Equally important, however, is providing evidence to support Nebraskans' reputation for treating our opponents well. Please be courteous, responsible and respectful of your neighbors and all players, coaches and fans. Only positive comments are appropriate in both word and print. Let?s enjoy a great game and show our Husker pride through respectful behavior.

Best wishes,
Tom Osborne
Okay. Really. How awesome is that? Because, as a lovely Texas Native, I can tell you that I take serious offense to some of the stuff that's been spouted off my these insane UNL fans. So, I just think it's fantastic.

As for me, I shall be wearing this shirt:

The back reads: You're Ugly and Your Mama Dresses you in Burnt Orange. I wonder if that's okay with Tom Osborne?

And I'll be joining in the chants: Goooooo Biiiiiiiig Reeeeeed! Go Big Red!

Then, I will eat dinner with a good friend who writes for the Daily Texan.

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