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Tuesday, October 19

Busy Weekend.

This weekend was so busy.
Like crazy, busy. But also crazy amazing.

Our friend Jordan came up for the UT vs UNL game... He writes for The Daily Texas and was covering the game.


I went to the UT vs. UNL game with my friend Holly, her friend Alyssa, and her brother Aaron ans sister in law Shannon. Chet stayed home and watched because her didn't have a ticket. He argues he had a better seat.

It was a lot of fun. I actually don't know if I would ever go again, but I'm glad I got the experience.

And sooooo much red! 

On Sunday afternoon we carved pumpkin with our friend Alana and met some of her friends from back home.


I would like for everyone to know that I drew that cat freehand. And that this is the first pumpkin of our 2010 carving season.  It currently resides on our dining room table and I put a candle in it at night.

On Monday (because I'm on my fall break) Chet and I redid our bedroom.

And that's the only image you get for now!

How was your weekend?

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