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Thursday, October 21

Redoing the Bedroom {pt. 1}

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For the last 6 months, I've wanted to paint our bedroom. It's not a bad bedroom, a bit small, no closet space. But it was white. We have beautiful woodwork throughout the apartment, but someone got happy with the white paint and painted over all the wood in our kitchen and in our bedroom/hallway. It felt awfully institutionalized.

I originally wanted to try to scrape the white paint off. And I thought about it until I pulled off a piece (did I mention it was old paint too? probably lead) and it was about 1/8 of an inch thick, with more white on there. So, that plan seemed like it wasn't going to work. Then, I decided I wanted a blue/gray color. a) because it's calming and b) it would look really good with the white "trim." Husband got on board once we went to go look at paint colors.

So, this past weekend I was on fall break (meaning instead of getting a week off for Thanksgiving, we get Monday and Tuesday off in mid-October). On Monday, we painted.


Our bed.  I created those canvases above the bed with this as inspiration. As someone who often doesn't feel crafty, I'm really in love with them. Folded up there on the right hand corner is our wedding quilt.  We used it during the ceremony in lieu of a unity candle and it's always on our bed. Probably one of the first things I'd grab in a fire. For real.

Corner of the room.  Husband spent about 20 minutes getting that chair into the room.  And  the cat lives in that window. 

This is my vanity/make up getting ready place. Our bathroom is tiny. Teeny-tiny. Without any storage.  We don't even have a toilet paper holder. So, I had to get creative with getting ready space. 
Then, finally, probably the most shameful part of the bedroom. The one where you kind of cringe anytime someone asked for a tour. Our "closet" area.  See that tiny door? That's supposed to be out closet.  It houses Chet's {hanging} clothes and that's it.  Most of his clothes lived under the bed or on the bottom of the white drawer thing. My {un}mentionables live in that suitcase. And my folded clothes (cami's, sweats, etc) were living in the white thing. Everything else lived on that crappy, crappy hanger thing from Target.

Since this is getting ridiculously long, I'm going to pause for now and do homework.  Tomorrow, I shall show you our painting!

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