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Friday, October 22

Redoing the Bedroom {pt. 2}

See Part I here and Part III here. 

When we last left our heroine, you were left thinking about the ickiness of our room. The yellow/white walls. The dirty, crampedness.

So, then we painted.

That chair took 20 minutes for the husband to move into the room. There was no way he was moving it out.

The husband and I have very different painting styles.

He had to paint the ceiling area. I'm far too short.

Isn't that a lot of blue tape?  And the bed made a fantastic staging area.
I bet you've never painted in heels before, huh? I think it just might catch on.... maybe.

I could add the finished product here... but I'm not. That's another long post. So! Come back Monday and see how it all turned out!

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