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Sunday, October 31

Halloween v. 2010

hello dear internets.

there are all kinds of posts happening about Halloween currently.

i love Halloween. like a lot.  i just don't have something much to say about it.

our plans: we went to two parties*. tonight, we're staying home, carving a{nother} pumpkin and watching bad B scary movies.  with maybe a lot of popcorn and candy involved.  perhaps some cake baking, too. for some reason, that sounds like way more fun to me than the parties were. weird, i know.

i do love Halloween. i've had decorations up since October 1st {there's a glowing Frankenstein in my window!!}. i just don't necessarily like watching people taking shots and getting wasted. again, weird, i know. though, i did enjoy dressing up. i was a bucket of popcorn.  be excited.

my parents are having a haunted house in their front yard back in Texas.  you should go if you can. it'll be a lot of fun, i know from experience.  did you know that Halloween is probably the hardest holiday i have away from my dad? it was always our holiday, so it's weird not to be there. {I miss my mom most at Thanksgiving}

and with that, have a fantastic Halloween!! 

*did you know that people charge you to come their parties here? i mean, maybe not necessarily to come, but if you want to drink their beer, you typically pay $5 a cup.  that was so foreign for me & ze husband. when we throw parties, we total pay for it all.

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