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Tuesday, November 2

Being sick and Voting

My husband is so good. 

First he voted:
Which makes me super proud of him. We're both really civilly minded and so it makes me happy when he votes. Well, when anyone votes, no matter how you vote. It makes me happy. As our pastor put it on Sunday, "Some people risk their lives to stand in line and vote; you can stop at a polling place and do it without that risk. Why wouldn't you?"

Me? I'm not voting.


I know. I know. First, I'm not a Nebraskan citizen, so I can't vote here. And, I didn't feel right voting in Texas since I'm not there and those decisions are not going to immediately effect me. {yes, yes, I'm well aware that those decision can eventually effect me, don't make me feel worse} Also, I am not in the midst of the politics down there and being removed from it makes me too anxious to vote. So, I chose not to. And, I'm quite ashamed for it. That's how it rolls sometimes though.

But don't use me as an example. Go vote!

Next up --> my husband is good because this is what he said to me as we're leaving this morning:
I will come home and take care of you if you just call.
Seriously, how amazing is that? I woke up sick, and still feel awful. I rarely get sick, so it's icky when I do. I'm sitting at school currently because I had to come to a research meeting, but once this post goes live, I will be walking to my car and sitting on the couch for the rest of the day, being ill.

Have a fabulous day, dear internets!

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