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Wednesday, November 3

Midterm Elections Aftermath

As of 12:40 CDT

Yesterday was midterm elections. They went as I thought they would. I didn't vote; Chet did.

We are, though, incredibly blessed to live in a country where we will not end up in civil war or violence because of the elections. Rather we wait patiently, though not quietly, for the next time around. And we remain friends with our friends, even if we have separate beliefs.

I'm almost afraid to look at facebook today. My hope is that my democrat friends will be classier about the losses last night than people were with Obama's win. So far that's sort of been the case.

For now, I'm excited to see what these next two years have in store for us.  With every election we get some new people and it propels us to change in one way or another.  Here's to hoping for two years with some solid change*. 

As I heard someone say: I believe we've had red for too long and we never give "purple" a chance. The more people believe in the power of red vs. blue we are screwed. I don't believe in the red or the Tea Party agenda. Even though the blue is not doing things as fast as I want them to**, I'm not going to sit around and bitch about them and call them socialists (which they AREN'T). I'm not about fear tactics and propaganda to sway people for my votes.

What was good for LGBT/Progressive voters
We're soooo Post-Racial (This source is linked because I cannot find one article about this madness)
GOP is humbled and ready to work!

*I realize this is my blog and I can be as political etc. as I want.  However, I'm attempting to remain positive mainly because I don't really have a party affiliation.  I would have voted for Rick Perry in Texas.  And, I would have voted against the personhood amendment in Colorado. I would not have voted down the Iowa judges.  I strongly believe that people took what they knew and applied it to the elections and now we need to work with what we've got. 

**Okay. Now, now. I think my generation has been a bit too hard on "the blue." I think we've forgotten some of the things which have been passed.  And we aren't all aware of how this whole government thing works. 

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