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Thursday, November 4

Rape on Private Practice

Tonight, Private Practice will be airing an important episode. It's an episode where the strongest female character (in my opinion) is raped.

I don't know how I feel about it.

I'm a sexual assault researcher. I know the rape statistics, I know the narratives. 

I know that we, as a society, shame rape victims/survivors and place almost 100% of the blame on them (e.g., her skirt was too short, she wasn't wearing panties, she was drunk, she was walking alone etc.), and those survivors/victims do the same to themselves (e.g., why didn't I walk with a friend, why did I drink so much etc.).

I also know that the most common rape is an acquaintance/date rape, and it's non-violent. {hello shame and blame}. And that's not what's going to depicted, which just reinforces stereotypes*.

I'm concerned about how all of her friends are going to be depicted. How is her fiancé going to react? Are they going to pity her? Or are they going to be the perfect support system?

Clearly, I have yet to see the episode, so it could be done beautifully. But currently, I'm afraid for what it will just reinforce. 

*By the way, I didn't even bring up the shame and blame that happens when a man {especially a straight man} is assaulted.

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