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Monday, December 6

Remember that weekend when...

Friday was busy.

Husband and I wandered around The Haymarket for a bit after he rescued me from school...

He kicked a tumbleweed

Then we went to a gallery opening for which we had been photographed. Think of Awkward Family Photos meets Festivus.
Image is all Shannon's from B-Side Images.

From there we booked it to a Hanukkah party, complete with Latkes, Driedels, and lighting the candles.  There were also veggies and wine as with any good party.


From that amazingness we headed back home to play pitch with friends of ours. If you haven't heard of pitch, that's okay. You're just missing out on a pretty fantastic card game.  It's a lot like one of the domino games that I grew up with, just with cards.


P.S. Trader Joe's opened here on Friday. So clearly we had to drink a bottle of Two Buck Chuck.

And this was just Friday.  Actually, Saturday and Sunday were filled with me working as we're at the end of the semester (blah).

Hope all of you, dear internets, had a fabulous weekend.

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