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Sunday, December 12

#reverb10 -- Day 12

Have you ever heard of Reverb10?

I heard about it from my mentor and wanted to do it. But for some reason, I just didn't want to blog about it. So, I checked the prompts and thought about them, talked about them in a round-a-bout way with husband or someone else, but I didn't blog.

However, I've decided to blog (sporadically) about some of them.Or maybe all. We'll see.

Today's Reverb is about the mind and body being integrated. When have I felt that way?

I've had a couple of times this year where I've felt whole... That there wasn't a separation between my mind and body.

The first was only within the past two weeks. I started meditating.

I've always wanted to meditate. There was always a desire there, but I always thought that I couldn't be a christian and meditate. So, I never did.  This year, though, I've grown leaps and bounds in my faith. Most importantly, I've learned that being a Christian does not mean that I have to fit a specific mold; I can tailor my faith and do what brings me closer to God while I am still grounded in my beliefs. In essence, I've given up more head-knowledge and become more spiritually focused. And that brings us to my meditation. I found a group locally who do a contemplative meditation.  I found them in Octoberish, and finally got the nerve to go in November.  And it's amazing.  The connection which I feel is hard to explain, but when I do it, I feel centered. And whole. And connected. It's lovely.
The second, which may be a bit TMI {you've been warned} is about my battle with birth control  since I was about 14. I am allergic to synthetic estrogen, which knocks out almost all birth control options. When I was early 16, I found Depo Provera and happily used that as an anti-child method for 4 years. Sadly, though, this wonderful birth control sent me into early menopause.  I mean: night sweats, hot flashes (red face and all), emotional mood swings from woah... I mean all of it. And please note, the husband had only known me for about 6 months at this point. Boy he's a good man.

So, I had to find another option. But, there was that pesky synthetic estrogen thing, and now I can't use progesterone. Crap. So, I went the route of the IUD. That brings us to now.  After about 3 years, my body is getting back to normal, slowly.  But in the last 6 months, without anything but natural hormones running through my body, I have really become intune with my body. 

It's amazing. 

Here's the TMI portion: I can actually tell when I ovulate now. Which is amazing -- that feelings of being so in touch with my body I can tell things like that.  It's actually really, really beautiful.

Anyhow, that is how my mind and body have become more integrated.  What about you?

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