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Friday, December 10

When We Stop Counting

I'm not supposed to be blogging, I know. Stupid Finals.

But! I had to share this and since I don't have access to facebook, here we go.

Last night, I was at a screening for the documentary, When We Stop Counting, which follows 6 highschoolers in Crete Nebraska.

It was beautiful.

Whatever you believe on immigration reform, this was powerful. It was these kids stories. It humanized the debate. It talked about the fact that immigration isn't always dangerous or bad.

But mostly, it's about a community which embraced the immigrants coming in and helped them to make a better life, rather than pushing them back.

Immigration is inevitable. It happens. It has always happened. It will always happen. What I hate, though, is the negativeness surrounding immigration, because it doesn't have to be negative.

Sadly, you can't watch it. Not because I don't want you to, (oh I do!) but because it's currently just local. They're raising money to hopefully send off to PBS to be aired though, so maybe you can see it one day, interwebs.

Okay. Back to my finals.

Interview with the Directors

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