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Friday, January 14

Cocktails: #1-#5

I have a goal. And, it's on my life list. It's to try 100 Cocktails. There aren't any rules for it, and I decided to do it because I normally order the same thing. I wanted to find something new and different.
Here are the first 5.. Ready?

First up, we have my "signature" drink. It's called a Dirty Shirley and it's comprised of Grenadine, Sprite and a shot of vodka. I love how this tastes, especially when someone makes it right, which rarely happens.

Next, we have a no name drink. I asked the husband to go to the bar and order me something sweet that didn't have coconut in it. See, I'm allergic. Melon liqueur, citrus vodka and some Sprite. Not too bad. I bet on the sour side (whoduha thunk it?).

The night before my folks flew home, my mom and I drank a couple of these lovelies. It was a watermelon something or other and it was in the bar of the Casino we stayed out. I don't know what was in it, and I thought I wrote it down. Alas. I do remember, though, that it lacked the kick that most alcohol has. I find that often to be the case in large places.

 New Year's had me tasting this thinking it would uh-mazing! It was Pink UV Vodka and Champagne, I really didn't think it could go wrong. Au contraire. It was horrid. I think that was mainly because they forgot the champagne and basically served me vodka in a champagne glass. For $6. I had to drink it and I will admit it kept me warm for the frigid walk to the ball. But, it tasted like rubbing alcohol. Ick.

And number 5 is something which Holly Lynn and I made up. It was a shot of vodka, apple-cherry juice, lime, and a bit of sugar. It was alright, for something we were playing with.

As I'm reading this, I'm noticing that vodka seems to be the key to my drinks. I'm making a decision that the next five must not include vodka as the main mixer.

What do you like to drink, dear internets? Do you have a favorite cocktail? shot? beer? wine? Please share!


Heather said...

All of my drinks have vodka in them!

Chet said...

I'm interested to see what other types of alcohol you go for. We have some Bourbon at the house.

As for my favorite cocktail I'm going to have to go with the classic Ol' Fashioned.

Courtney said...

The only cocktail I could stand was 'sex on the beach' but i am not sure if that has coconut? Ive had a few good long island ice tea's, mainly in restaurants but in bar's it tends to be to strong. Jack and Coke's, or with sprite is alright. Um, I haven't had many cocktails. :)