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Monday, January 31

The Toilet Paper Conundrum

If you think, just by looking at the title, that this might be a bit too much information for you, please enjoy this video of kittens.

One of the amazing things about being married is the kind of arguments which happen. I don't really think this is partial only to marriage; we all fight about random things in any relationship that we enter. That's just part of the contract we sign when we have friends, partners, kids, and family.

Anyway, I'm prone to argue with only certain people (this is a vulnerability thing) and one is my husband.

And our most typical argument (ahem, disagreement) centers around toilet paper.

Yup, toilet paper.

We've been disagreeing about toilet paper since the early points of our relationship. Back then, it was mainly who was going to purchase the toilet paper, since we were still far too caught up in the haze and romantics of being in a new relationship (I typically purchased, FYI).

We've also disagreed about when to purchase toilet paper (um... does anyone actually buy a new pack before they use the last roll? If you do, kudos) Also, which direction said paper should be going.

But, now, it's what type of toilet paper to purchase. And, really, have you looked at all the options? I mean, it's kind of terrifying walking down that aisle and having to select something.

For me, I want something strong that will make sure all is clean and happy. The husband, while agreeing with this, also wants something soft. Remember those commercials with the toilet paper turning to fluff when tossed? That's what the husband prefers.

This has lead to some disagreements in our house, clearly. And we've never been able to find something which made us both happy.

Until last night.

We were out of toilet paper. We walked, hesitantly, down the toilet paper aisle worrying about what to purchase. This really shouldn't be this difficult, you know.We long ago decided that Charmin was the best option, so we usually just bounce to that, grab the first thing, and then check out, imagining that the choice will just surprise us when we get home. It's a pretty legitimate tactic.

But last night, we saw Charmin sensitive and thought, why the hell not.

And, it's lovely. It's kind of the best of both worlds. And they'll probably discontinue it just because it has caused a truce in our house.

C'est la vie.

Happy Monday my friends, and I do mean that.

P.S. If you thought this post was awkward, enjoy this video!


Chet said...

And on that note, here is more proof as to why I am right!

KG said...

I agree with Chet on direction. And I am also a firm believer in what I use on my behind will be best quality... I will not go for whatever is cheapest. That is an area I need to treat nice :) So my bum and the hubbsters bum is treated sweetly to Charmin (the extra soft).

Nicole said...

Well, we found a truce on direction because our bathroom is too tiny to have a toilet paper holder, so it sits on the back of the toilet, thus a person can pull as they wish.

And yay Charmin!

Heather said...

You two crack me up!!!