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Tuesday, February 1

Care Packages

I love getting mail. I really, truly do. I mean the mail that makes you all warm and fuzzy inside, not the type that says you need pay up or coupons that just make you spend more money to "save" money.

Yesterday I made it back to school and I even saw a client. It was a yucky day -- ice everywhere and cold with the wind, but I made it. Mondays are long too. I get to campus at 9am and don't leave until about 9pm. I also didn't realize how "on" I am during the day with people. Needless to say, I was exhausted last night, mentally and physically. Emotionally too.

Then, I checked the mail. And, I had a package in it from Lindsey, a dear friend from home.

And in this package was a quadruple chick-flick feature dvd, kleenex, goldfish, soup, cough drops, chapstick and lovely card.

It was amazing and brightened my day.

So thank you, Lindsey for the incredible gift.

P.S. If anyone wants a love note, just let me know. I'm really loving writing them.


Heather said...

What is the movie in the bottom right corner?

Eva said...

aww, what a great care package!

Nicole said...

Heather: It's four movies: A Cinderella Story, What a Girl Wants, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and Chasing Liberty. I can't wait to crack it open.

Eva: I so agree!