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Wednesday, February 2


Badges are something in the blog world which are really cool.

I like looking at the badges which people put up and seeing where they go and what people believe and think. I've refrained, though, from placing badges on my blog because I didn't want to overwhelm you guys with things that I love or believe in. But, I've decided to put a couple up. And here's why. (Click on the badge here on the side to learn more about each movement! It's worth your time, I promise!)

Read the Printed Word!First, I have Read the Printed Word. When I blogged about our wedding, I put this on my sidebar because I truly believe in it. There's something refreshing about opening a book or newspaper or magazine and reading. Something which can never be accomplished with a nook or kindle or iPad.

The Small Is Beautiful ManifestoNext up, we have The Small is Beautiful badge. I struggle with blogging because I love it and I want other people to love it too, and I especially want other people to love what I write. Or, have some reaction to what I write. It can be difficult to blog when you don't know if people are reading it, or care about it, or... anything. While struggling with this, I was looking through others' blogs, one day and ran across this, and fell in love.

And then there's Brené Brown. If you've been paying even halfway attention to my blog, you know that Brené Brown is kind of like my celebrity researcher. Or is, whatever. She has beautiful ideas and seems to be an incredible woman.

One idea that I am truly in love with is free-range social media. This is defined by no cages, no copying, and no cruelty in social media, and it's something that I can get behind.

And finally, there's living wholeheartedly and authentically, which I am working on with my whole heart. Because of situations beyond my control, I hide my true self from people. I worry about what they will think rather than trusting that I am enough because I am me. And this year, I am making steps to believe that.

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