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Monday, January 24

Warm Fuzzies While Sick

The husband and I are sick. The kind that makes you want to do nothing but lie in bed or on the couch until the illness will just give up on you.

The husband decided to share his cold with me, and while I appreciate, I would have been okay with him not giving it to me. I'm achy and whiny and cranky and sleepy and coughy and blah. Needless to say, I'm not exactly pleasant to be around currently. On the brightside for my friends, I can't talk so all the whiny is with hand motions.

I'm also currently trying to file our taxes. Whoop! Isn't this a good night?

There is one silver lining though. While searching for tax stuffs, I found a piece of paper on which the husband had drawn a mock up of a website for me. And it totally warmed my heart. It's funny how little things like that can make me smile and dissipate the headache and coughing for a moment while I remember exactly why I married him.

Hope you all are healthy and happy

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