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Wednesday, January 5

Winter Holidays in 2010

Wanna see my holidays?

Belated Family Thanksgiving

Last year, we started a tradition of doing Thanksgiving after the fact.  We wanted one holiday which we could spend with all of our friends, since a lot of people travel for the others. Last year was a lot of fun, and this year did not disappoint.

And, we went to a Hanukkah party. Remember?

Ugly Sweater Party
And then there was an ugly sweater party with some past coworkers. I wore a Santa sweater.

In between, I turned 23 which meant a spectacular spaghetti party with good friends. Have I told you that I kind of love my life?

Christmas presents!
Then, of course my parents were in town for a week which was a blast. I love the wrapping paper EVERYWHERE after opening gifts. Some of my favorite photos.

Masquerade Ball

And finally, we make it to New Years Eve where we went to a masquerade ball. I made our masks, curled my hair, wore make up and a cute blue party dress. It felt like -15 outside but it was worth it. We danced to the Beatles and we rang in the New Year. That put 2011 off to an amazing start.

How were your holidays?

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