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Friday, March 25

Little Orphan Annie

The husband came home and found me sitting on the couch watching the 1999 version of Annie.

I was enthralled. I loved Annie growing up, though I always watched the 1982 version (clearly).

It's moments like these, when something classic comes on television that I get really excited. I was singing the songs with the characters, because who doesn't? I grew up with this show -- it was the first musical I ever saw and even though there was a very large and tall person sitting in front of me, I could still sing the songs and know what was happening. Because Annie was my childhood.

So, today, when the husband came home and said that he has never seen Annie before I felt a little bit sad. And he started wikipedia-ing it. Apparently, the movies were the last things to happen.

You first had the poem Little Orphant Annie
And then, we had the comics
And then the radio show
Then the musical in 1977
And finally the movies.

I love that this has been around so long.

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