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Tuesday, April 19

Friday-Monday Birthday

The husband normally requests a birthday week. And while I'm more then happy to oblige, it's difficult to come up with stuff for a whole week. Really.  So, he got a party and a dinner. And my love for the whole week (as opposed to the other 51 weeks in the year). 

The party was a success.

It was so much fun to have so many wonderful people who we love in our home to celebrate both his and Holly's lives.  

We had about 16 people in our apartment all night. A little tight during dinner but nice and spread the rest of the night. We had balloons and bubbles. And cameras. Lots of cameras out.

We sang to the birthday people and they blew out candles on the red velvet I had made. Holly wasn't a fan of the singing (there are some awesome photos) but everyone loved the cake. And I hope their wishes come true! 

It really was awesome. People hung out until about 1. We laughed, wine flowed freely, everyone ate, it was beautiful. 

And then the misters actual birthday came on Monday. I know we had this party, but I wanted to do something for him. 

I bought him a Signed First Edition of his first sci fi book. I gave that to him at 12:01am. I was so excited for to hand it off to him. But I wanted something else to. 

So, I headed over to a site I found a couple of months ago. It's called, Homesick Texan. I had no idea what to cook, and really no time to do it, but I wanted it to be special. So, I made him Armadillo Eggs, Homemade Buttermilk Dressing, Chipotle Chicken, and Potato Casserole.

Some minor changes happened, but it was all still really, really good. And I didn't burn down the house, which is good. I don't have a great track record in the kitchen*. I also bought him a Darth Vader chocolate cake. It had a light saber and everything.

All in all, I think he had a good birthday, and that makes me happy.
*I once burned ground meat. I burned it quite literally black and we had to leave the house because it smelled so awful. Thank goodness for Chinese Food Buffets and friends who find this stuff amusing.

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