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Monday, April 18

Happy Birthday Mister

See this handsome guy? 
That's my husband. 

He's this awesome guy who has great taste in beer, as well as beer morals. 
He sings and dances while doing dishes. 
The first thing he wants to do, after we've been apart all day, is pull me into a bear hug. 
He cleans the bathroom, and I normally only have to ask him once. 
He humors me with my crazy home improvement/craft ideas. (e.g., I sent him a text this morning which read: "I want to pull the cabinets out above the sink so that we can hang a dish rack. The hardest part would be removing tile."
He moved to Nebraska so that I could get my Ph.D. 
He is the best kisser. 
He taught me to eat my vegetables.
He can create a mean stir fry. 

And today is his birthday.

I love you husband! I am so proud to be your wife. Thank you for being so fantastic.

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