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Tuesday, April 5

Spring! {might be here}

Today, I spent an hour and a half eating lunch with a friend.

On a patio.


In the sun. Soaking up the vitamin D. And a sunburn. Ha!

Which means.... Spring might actually be here.

I think living in a place where it snows and is (litteraly) bitterly cold gives me a new appreciation for Spring. Something that I never would have had if we had only ever lived in Texas.

But! This is not about that, specifically.

This is about dresses. Now that it's spring, it is time for the dresses to make an appearance.

And these are the ones that I want. All from Target because that's about all I can afford:

Seriously! I want these. I stopped by Target to look at something else (which I'll show you tomorrow! woo!) and saw all the lovelies.

I want, I want, I want!

I'll even take donations.

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