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Wednesday, April 6

Found it!

Remember how last August I wanted a new bicycle? I had some specific requirements:

I needed to fit it (hello 5'1"!)
Needed to have handbrakes
No more than 5 speeds
Please be cute

I had hoped to find this holy grail of bike by mid-August. That didn't happen.

My bike was stolen in March, which meant that if I wanted to ride, I would have to find a new one. The first thought was to just buy another Wal Mart one, but I found myself just being frustrated by that, which meant it was not the way to go. 

Fast forward to April 3rd. Just a couple of months off, but I finally found it on Craigslist.

A Schwinn Breeze. In Red (my favorite color).


Sparkly handle bars.  Hand brakes.

Chrome fenders.

From the 70's.

Beautiful. Happiness. Love.

Next up for me is to find a headlight and a basket to attach.

As a bonus, the husband found the male version of this bike and we promptly purchased it.

It's in green which is his favorite color.

And it had a luggage rack already, which he really, really wanted.

It was meant to be.

We bought both bikes for $225, which we feel was unbelievably reasonable. They're beautiful, light, ride perfectly, and have been taken care of.



Heather said...

I love Schwinns!!! And these are both gorgeous examples of their craftmanship/beauty. I am happy that you both found great new bikes, I just wish it had been all by choice. :)

Nicole said...

I'm happy too. Clearly. I'm sad that the previous one was stolen, but at the same time, it forced me to really look and buy something I liked. Turned out for the good, which I can be super happy with. :)