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Wednesday, May 4

How to: Capes

Let's talk about Capes.

Remember the one that I made for my friend?

Well, I'm going to tell you how I made it. Ready?

1. Buy shirts or find an old one. I used two, both were on super sale from Target. Make sure it's a solid color!

2. Cut the cape from one of the shirts. This is surprisingly simple. Just draw lines from the hemline of the side seam at the waist to where the neck band and the shoulder seam meet. Follow the lines and then cut around the neck band.

3. Embellish the cape with anything that you want! I chose a star which then looked like this while I tried to figure it all out...

Fun, right? Truly, the only way to mark anything is with sharpies. :)

Once cut out, I used a seam thing to stick it down. And it worked, kind of. This is what it looked like when finished

P.S. Photo not mine. A friend's from facebook. I just added words.
Things I learned:
-I can't draw stars.
-I should have used either applique adhesive or stitched it down. I have now captured the cape back to remedy this. 

Pretty cool right? You guys should make capes now. Go! 

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