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Wednesday, May 25

I play favorites

Well, I definitely have a favorite.

Now, to be fair, there are two cameras out of the running. One I can't play with because we can't figure out why it won't turn on. And the other, my Diana, I haven't had 120 film to play with.

But that aside, my favorite camera is the Pentax.

I love it because:
  It is heavy.
    It has 3 lenses.
      It helps me to create amazing pictures.
        I get amazing compliments on it.
          It takes film.
            It makes me think about the pictures I'm taking.

I love this sucker. And tonight, I found this and this.

I can't wait to take this camera with me to Texas (next week!) and show you what I get from it. 

Now, I just need to buy a scanner....


Camie said...

My scanner is your scanner!

Nicole said...


Chet said...

We can add 120 shopping to our adventures with Camie or something. Even pick some up this weekend is you'd desire.