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Tuesday, May 24

Rain, Crutches, and Nice People

On Saturday, I fell off my bicycle and tore a bunch of important ligaments and other such things in my foot. So, I am now in an air cast and using crutches.

Anyway, today, I was meeting some friends for lunch. It conveniently started pouring rain which I then had to walk in -- slowly walk, by the way. It's more of a waddle shuffle, really.

I was dreading it and tried my best to stay underneath awnings, but then I had to cross the street.

And this amazingly kind guy walked up to me and said, "Are you crossing here?" And I said, "Yes," and chuckled. He moved his umbrella over me and proceeded to cross the next two streets with me, totally out of his way so I could get where I needed to dryly, and safely.

That made my day.

So did this:

Sarah Dessen's signature that a friend picked up for me from her reading in Omaha. On a sticky note so I could put it in my favorite book. ♥


Heather said...

I love Sarah Dessen!!! I need to buy her latest book so I can read it on vacation... :)

Nicole said...

Oh it's so amazing Heather! I read the advanced reader back in January in a weekend. GO! Buy! Tell me what you think!

Heather said...

Bought it tonight. Gonna bring it along for vacation. We'll share thoughts the second I finish it! :)