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Tuesday, August 17

Ick. Cleaning

That sums in up nicely.

I mean, I don't really know anyone who enjoys housekeeping, but I think that husband and I take it to a whole new level (without it being icky-you know, bugs crawling around and such, you know like this).

Husband and I are piss-poor housekeepers. There, I said it.

It's not necessarily that we can't. We can. And we do when we have people coming to visit. And it's not even that we're necessarily dirty -- we just have lots of stuff.

Ahem. *I* have lots of stuff. Husband just goes along with it all.

Case in point, laundry. We send our laundry out to be washed, dried, and folded. This is mainly because we both loathe doing laundry, and we don't have easy and clean access to a washer and dryer*. So, we pay someone else to do it for us. And we usually do this ever other Friday (i.e. every pay week), which was this past Friday. Today is Tuesday. Our clothes are still neatly folded... the bags they came in and living in the dining room.

Such is our life.

How do you guys find the motivation to clean your houses/rooms/apartments?

*Ours are in storage and the ones on-site are... well nasty.


Heather said...

My motivation is acute OCD. I have to have things "clean," but I HATE cleaning!!!

Nicole said...

I always feel better after we clean (and de-clutter) but it's that motivation to get there which I am totally lacking.