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Wednesday, April 27

Garden Chronicles - Part 4

The husband and I were given a little piece of earth by our landlady to turn into a garden. We're doing our best at it. To catch up, look at Part One here, Part Two here, and Part Three here.

So. This weekend we were planning on planting a tree but that didn't really happen. Too much awesomeness to show the family around these parts. 

Instead, we talked to my parents about grass. (Don't go there)

Mainly I complained about the fact that we didn't have any yet and did-we-make-the-wrong-decision-about-seed-should-we-have-done-sod (I ramble when I'm whiny).

See, it had been two weeks since we put the seed down and I was frustrated that we didn't have *anything*. 

My dad trooped out to the garden to take a look. And he pointed this out:

See? Grass! Woo hoo! 

It's impressive (kind of) until you see this:

Not quite so impressive. The dandelions are growing beautifully though! They sure do love the compost. 

Ugh. So, now we're thinking about just putting down sod. We won't need that much, ultimately, and I'm not sure I want to try seed again. 

My mom votes trying seed again and waiting a few more weekends. She said (and my dad agrees) that it was probably just too cold for the grass to really take root. 

Boo. So far the tally is looking toward failing miserably.


Leah H. said...

I am sadly in the same boat. The fella and his friend tried to re-seed our front lawn about two weeks ago and we're still stuck with dirt and the odd clump of grass! It must've been terrible timing for planting. Hang in there!

JadrianJ said...

We're trying to figure out if we want to put plants out for the summer or not, but it's still so cold. =(

Nicole said...

Leah: Thanks. I was just thinking about you! I think we're going to go with seeds again... We can't do something until next weekend anyway.

Jadrian: Y'all should totally have plants. Use pots! It'll warm up there soon enough.