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Wednesday, April 20

Garden Chronicles - Part 3


Because the husband had to take up two, TWO! days of posts, I didn't get to tell you all about the cool stuff that went down in the garden. 

Which, honestly, wasn't a lot. 

Friday it snowed and rained, so it was gross. And Saturday, I spent the day doing statistics and then running to a friend's recital and then running to an awesome egg dyeing party. So, Saturday was a bust in the garden. 

But Sunday, we had a 2.5 hour window to pick up paving stones and put them down. I was up for the challenge... my mister? Not so much. But, because he loves me, he did it.

And that's how we got this:

What do you think?

 I need grass. Desperately. I also need a tree and we need to put in the raised beds. But, it is coming along, don't you think?

Total Cost (so far): $141.00 / $500.00
Renting a Tiller... 31.00
Grass seed... 68.00
Paving Stones... 42.00 ($.99 per stone!!)

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Chet said...

The stinkin' rain has made them miserably dirty.